Hi! My names Steve and welcome to my website!

Who are you?
I'm PokemonSteve! I am an Australian based card seller! I have been buying and selling Pokemon cards for over 4 years on eBay

What conditions are the items?
All items listed on this website are NEAR MINT unless specified otherwise in the item title (eg PSA items, cards that have specific photos relating to that product). 

What is your idea of NEAR MINT condition?
I will always try to stick as close as possible to PSA's definitions of card grading standards. A NEAR MINT card in my eyes is a card that can be at a minimum a PSA 7. Here is PSAs card grading standards. Overall, a NEAR MINT card is one that shows minimal signs of play, no creasing, no damage, only smaller scratches on holographic features.

If you need additional photos of a card, don't hesitate to message me. I use PSA 7 as a standard to iron out any issues of conditions, and again, if the item is in a condition that isn't NEAR MINT, it will be stated in the title and/or description. 

*These cards are NEAR MINT by my opinion. In general, I will always give non-holo cards a little bit more leeway when it comes to near mint condition, minor chipping and edgewear I will allow as long as there is no creases, damage or staining. 

All orders are covered by my return policy, and I'm happy to answer any questions within 24 hours on my Facebook

How do you ship cards?
All shipping related questions please go to the Shipping info page.

Whats up with the photos?
All of my photos are stock images used for easily identifying cards.